What is Ilikeyou?

Ilikeyou is an endless board of people that you may 'Like'. It's finally possible to not only like bands, movies, places and things, but also real people!

What is 'Like'?

It's the same like you give on Facebook. You're letting everyone know that you Like the person by clicking Like. Same like you do on Facebook with movies, bands, articles, etc.

What's the list of photos for?

The endless list of photos shows people from your country. Each photo represents one person. You may check out his/her profile and click Like at the ones you like.

How to register?

Register using Facebook at this page.

How to add photos?

Upload your photos here.

How to change profile photo?

Select your future profile photo on this page and click 'Set as profile photo'

How to change notification settings?

Change notification settings here.

How to delete account?

You may delete account, but consider whether you don't want to just change notification settings.

How do I cancel VIP membership?

Go to your Settings and click VIP. Click Cancel membership. Your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the last payment period you bought.

Please contact our Customer Care if you need help with your subscription.